THE SIGN SHOP WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. It's True! The computer has all but killed the sign painter, and it was the sign painter that made our business unique. The customers and idle bystanders stood and watched in awe as the letter forms flew off the tips of our brushes. The customer seldom concerned himself with type style or layout. The sign shop was almost always owned and operated by someone with a creative gift and a true love and passion for signs.

ALONG COMES TECHNOLOGY. While many other sign shops began to incorporate the crude vinyl machines into their shops in the '80s, we rebelled. Like the John Henry's of the sign business, we lettered faster than they could vinyl. Not to mention the fact that all of their signs looked the same and were void of any character. We were proud, content, and perhaps a bit smug.

A TURN FOR THE BETTER. It didn't take long for the computer geniuses to turn the PC into a design and production tool with which we could live. In 1985 Best Signs, Inc. added a used Apple computer for accounting and a then powerful 386 25Mhz PC to cut vinyl. We could now merge our creative designs and layouts with precision each and every time.

A TURN FOR THE WORSE. In a short time technology was proven and was obviously here to stay. But, something terrible happened along the way. The sign business became one of the hot franchise investments. The computer had allowed scores to enter the sign business with no experience and creative ability. And, worst of all, there was no love, respect or understanding of the craft.

WHO WE ARE... AND WHY WE'RE THE BEST. Best Signs, Inc. has been family owned and operated for more than 50 years. We have the benefit of generations of sign experience and most importantly a respect for the craft. With the exception of the occasional wall job or request for hand-painted custom job, we are entirely automated. We've gone from the one 386 PC in 1985 to twenty four PCs and two Power Macs to maximize our production and creative applications. We have assembled a team of twenty eight "All Stars" that are as talented as they are dedicated. As we continue to expand and embrace all that technology has to offer, we never lose sight of where we came from. And we never forget the sign painter for he/she is at the core of our success.

Generations of Award Winning and Dedicated Sign Professionals